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Interview: dr. M. Muller

dr. M. Muller

Looking back, I made a detour in my career to become an internist-geriatrician. I have always liked working with elderly. For example, during high school I already had a summer job in an elderly home. Nonetheless my interest in working with the elderly patients came much later. After high school, I initially started studying in the field of Human Movement Sciences. I enjoyed classes in neurology and the musculoskeletal system. I found that I did not only want to know about these subjects but also treat patients, therefore I switched to studying medicine, after my master.

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Interview: prof. dr. T. de Vries

prof. dr. T. de Vries

I was trained as a medical doctor at the University of Groningen. This was also the place where I was trained in general practice and clinical pharmacology (PhD) and was appointed as lecturer in clinical pharmacology in 1980, later combined with work in general practice. In 1996 I accepted a professorship in Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the department of Medical Pharmacology at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

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Interview: prof. dr. Y. Smulders

prof. dr. Y. Smulders

‘Am I going to die?’, was my first reponse when I was asked to write an In Retrospect. I feel too young to write this.

Anyway, don’t expect me to ‘look back at my career’, as I truly feel as if it has just started. As a docter, I sense that my skills are improving every year still. To find the optimum between knowledge, experience, intuition and communicative skill has been a much more formidable challenge than I ever imagined when I started my career in medicine.

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