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Interview: prof. dr. S. Middeldorp

prof. dr. S. Middeldorp

Looking back at my career – hopefully I can still look ahead as well!

At the age of 14, I already knew I wanted to study medicine and since then I luckily never doubted that choice. I studied medicine here in Amsterdam at the AMC. It was during clinical lectures that I found out about my interest in internal medicine and my enthusiasm for this specialty was confirmed during my clinical rotations. My dream was to become a really good internist and work in a large, peripheral hospital, like the OLVG.

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Interview: prof. dr. L.J. Gunning-Schepers

prof. dr. L.J. Gunning-Schepers

How did you benefit from being raised abroad?

Living abroad, for any period of time, is a rewarding experience. By seeing other cultures and their way of life, you discover your own preferences. And of course you develop an understanding for other ways of life. As for my personal career, my degree from Johns Hopkins gave me an advantage and lead in Europe, probably more than I realized at the moment.

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Interview: prof. dr. P. Wesseling

prof. dr. P. Wesseling

Some MD’s already know in their infancy what they would like to become (pediatrician!; brain surgeon!) and manage to make that dream come true. However the road to my ‘final destination’ in Medicine was quite different. After finishing highschool I had figured out that I wanted to become a dentist. I assumed that this would allow me to combine intellectual challenges with workmanship (sic!). Nevertheless a few weeks into the first lectures in dentistry (UvA, 1977) I started to doubt whether dentistry was really the right choice for me.

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