Amsterdam Medical Student journal (AMSj) is a scientific medical journal enabling medical students to publish their clinical observations, research articles and case reports. The journal was founded by students from the locations Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) Amsterdam of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC), making it the first student-based collaboration between two of the largest medical faculties in the Netherlands. AMSj is a non-profit organization and we strive to inspire students to engage in scientific research. Our goal is to facilitate a unique learning experience for students and help with the development of their academic skills in both writing and reviewing scientific papers. The entire journal is created and published by an enthusiastic editorial board with more than 50 members! A team of students and staff reviewers provide professional peer review and feedback on all submitted papers. If you are a medical student and wish to submit your paper, you are welcome to do so. AMSj is founded in Amsterdam, nevertheless, students from other faculties are also invited to submit their research. Please contact your principal investigator (if applicable) before submitting your paper and carefully read our guidelines for submission. AMSj publishes four editions a year. Every four editions one paper will be selected and named ‘Best manuscript of AMSj’ of that year!”

Editorial Board

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G. Pallada
Editor-in-Chief AMC

Editor in Chief VUmc Mees Hesmerg

M. Hesmerg
Editor-in-Chief VUmc

G.E. Linthorst

G.E. Linthorst
Editor-in-Chief AMC

F. Daams

F. Daams
Editor-in-Chief VUmc


C. Kranenburg
Creative Editor

L. van der Minnen

L. van der Minnen
Native Editor

Content editor David Vecht

D. Vecht
Content Editor

General Board

D Verloock

D. Verloock


A. Almayali


S. Jacobs
Secretary & IT

D. Hageman

D. Hageman

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R. Frölke
Public Relations

Board Member AMC

S. Frölke
Board Member AMC


E. Kooijman
Board Member VUmc



N. Sperna Weiland – Staff

M. Keesenberg – Student




Internal Medicine - Cardiology

P. van DiemenStaff

S. Novin – Student




L. GerbensStaff

L. van den OordStudent



Emergency Medicine

M. ZamarayStaff

C. Kapoen – Student





Internal Medicine – Endocrinology

J. ten Kulve – Staff

I. Bos – Student




Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology

A. VolkersStaff

J. Splinter – Student






Surgery – Gastrointestinal

J. StiekemaStaff

A. Ashraf – Staff




Internal Medicine – General Practice

B. Hesselink – Staff

A. Moerkamp – Student

Internal Medicine – Geriatrics

H. Rhodius-Meester – Staff

E. van Poelgeest – Staff

T. van der Putten – Student

D. Abbel – Student



J. Molkenboer – Staff

K. Rennert – Student




Internal Medicine - Hematology

J. Cloos – Staff

S. Zwetsloot – Student

Internal Medicine - Nephrology

L. Vogt – Staff

A. Boes – Student


Internal Medicine - Neurology

M. Brouwer – Staff

K. Lutchman – Student



Internal Medicine – Oncology

J. Driessen – Staff

R. Molenaar – Staff

T. White – Student

S. Roos – Student




Surgery – Orthopedics

R. Spek – Staff

M. Tachaout – Student






Surgery – Otorhinolaryngology

M. Engel – Staff

N. Usman – Student


J. Aten – Staff

E. Schagen – Student




F. Abbink – Staff

S. Laabar – Student



Surgery – Plastic

D. Bom – Staff

F. Wildeboer – Student





P. de Koning – Staff

L. Heideman – Student





Internal Medicine – Pulmonology

J. AmanStaff

N. Rosenberg – Student


M. MaasStaff

A. Koning – Student


Internal Medicine – Rheumatology

W. van Binsbergen – Staff

O. Bilir – Student



Surgery – Trauma

F. Sanders – Staff

D. Ghantous – Student





Internal Medicine – Vascular Medicine

A. Emanuel – Staff

J. da Silva Voorham – Student






J. Twisk – Staff

P. Schober – Staff

F. Rutters – Staff

E. Brouwer – Staff

Former Board Members


M. Bektas
O. Kilic
J. Tettero
S. Veldkamp
K. Verdeyen
R. van den Hurk
E. Schuts



R. Holewijn
J. Heijnen



K. Yah (&IT)

V. Ligtvoet (&IT)
C. Leseman (&IT)
W. Krishnasing (&IT)
R. Baboeram Panday
C. ten Broeke


F. Feikema
K. Vorstermans
I. de Brouwer
A. Hoving
K. Verdeyen
A. Hoving

Public Relations

N. Rijkers
A. Kohn
J. Balikji
O. Moussa
S. Veldkamp
R. Rassir (&IT)
K. de Geus (&IT)
M. Bakkum (&IT)

Board Member AMC

L. van den Oord
A. Moerkamp
S. Ursem
E. van Praag
B. Lebbink
K. Verdeyen
A. Edrigde
B. van Lier

Board Member VUmc

A. Brandwijk

H. Aoulad Ahajan
S. Ursem
E. Doedes
J. Tettero
J. Bruggeman
M. Wennekers
S. Faraj
R. Holewijn

Editor-in-Chief AMC

D. Umans
M. Kempeneers
M. Schuijt
H. Bahadurzada

Editor-in-Chief VUmc

E. Beijer

Z. Popal
A. de Jonge
A. Farokhi
J. van Diemen

Content Editor

T. Brouwer
T. de Back

Creative Editor

M. Stellingwerf
D. Schoenmakers

Native Editor

N. de Jong
M. Ribbink