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Editorial: ‘De Dokter’ (The Doctor)

‘De Dokter’ (The Doctor)

We would like to start of this first edition by the question raised by the AMC and the NTvG when introducing the Amsterdam Medical Student journal: Why another scientific magazine? In a time where movements like Science in Transition ( have been established to reduce fraud in science, are we not just counteracting this transition by raising pressure for students to publish?

This is not a question you can simply brush off with a correct answer, it is a question that requires an evaluation of your motives and ideas. What are we doing?

It was during a meeting with our editorial board where two staff members advocated an open review system. Hereby establishing a community where honest and critical feedback can be given to the student without hiding behind anonymity. But above all, create an environment where students receive the best possible guidance in publishing. Listening to the discussion, we were reassured that despite the raised questions, this board knows exactly what AMSj is all about. The members of the editorial board are ready to provide guidance to students whom are passionate about science. They share their knowledge and expertise in order for students to learn the basics of scientific writing. Forthwith falling in line with the initial purpose of scientific publishing: to build forth on each other’s knowledge in order to make progress.

So returning to the question, AMSj is indeed another scientific magazine, but one with the sole purpose of educating students in conducting, writing and publishing research. Equipping students with the right knowledge and set of skills to generate meaningful research.

This question made us also realize that the character of an initiative is not intrinsic to the initiative. The character of an initiative is always being defined by the team behind it. It is therefore that we want to dedicate our first edition to our editorial board. As a sign of our appreciation for not only their hard work but specially the integrity with which they work.

Furthermore our gratitude goes out to our board who made it possible to present to you this very first edition and hopefully many more!

H. Bahadurzada, J.J.K. van Diemen, G.E. Linthorst & Y.M. Smulders

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