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Editorial: An anniversary

An anniversary

An anniversary is always special: it is a moment of reflection and looking back on accomplish­ments of the past year. The very first edition of the Amsterdam Medical Student journal (AMSj), and the three that followed, the rise of the first Amsterdam Medical Student conference (AMSc) but also the new collaborations that evolved, particularly with the ‘Co-raad’. Together with the Co-raad we arranged the recent workshop on scientific writing and we expect many more collaborations in the near future. As for now we are preparing a workshop on how to get involved in research while bridging time for the start of your internship.

But of course changes also took place inside our editorial board, we said goodbye to Dr. Kim Hurkens and Prof. dr. Wolter Mooi, and have welcomed our new members, Tim de Back and Marthe Ribbink. In like manner, we are sad to announce that Yvo Smulders, our Editor in Chief VUmc, is leaving the journal. Although he will be sorrowly missed, our new Editor in Chief VUmc will soon receive a joyful welcoming. Together we hope to improve and expand the journal even further.

As for the near future, you will soon receive more information on AMSc and the coming workshops. We are thankful for everyone’s contribution in the past year and are looking forward to a new year.

H. Bahadurzada, T. de Back, A. Farokhi, G.E. Linthorst, F. Daams & M. Ribbink

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