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Editorial: Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine

The older population is growing rapidly and is already a substantial part of our current patient population. Their part will increase over time and we will see more and more differences in older patients compared to their younger counterparts. Therefore, we devoted this AMSj edition to this particular field of medicine: Geriatric Medicine.

This special geriatrics edition was made in coop­eration with Majon Muller and Nathalie van der Velde (Internal medicine department, division of geriatrics VUmc resp. AMC), who enthusiasti­cally contribute to the research field of geriatric medicine. Dr. Muller and dr. Van der Velde both mentioned the elderly being a heterogeneous population and showed us the (clinical) variation in the care of older patients. At the same time, internist-geriatricians oversee the complicated problems of our ageing patients, which is also emphasized in this edition’s trial and error.

We do not only get wrinkles and gray hairs from the outside. M. Al Sharkawy and colleagues describe the association between age carotid intima-media thickness, and its possibilities as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in older patients. R. Reuvers and colleagues discuss the relationship between white matter hyperintensi­ties and frailty risk in geriatric patients. J. Tettero reviews the effect of age on the discriminative performance of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for patients having mild cognitive impairment and those progressing to dementia.

Talking about cognitive functions, A. Zwagemak­er and M. Oosterveld give their expert opinion about older men with low testosterone and age-associated memory impairment, treated with testosterone.

Test your own geriatric knowledge in this edition, radiology image about fractures and the DEXA-scan in older patients, written by J. Opperman and M. Maas, and evaluate a 69-year-old woman’s heart problem in the clinical image, written by A. Leemeijer and J. ten Kulve.

As AMSj is also growing older, we thank Rebec­ca Holman for her contribution to the previous editions and we give a warm welcome to Rik Zoomer and Lothar Kuijper, our new AMSj statisticians. Besides, we would like to welcome Warsha Krishnasing, Saskia Veldkamp and Jan Willem Bruggeman as our new colleagues in the AMSj board, Daphne Schoenmakers as our cre­ative editor and Vera de Jonge as our new student editor-in-chief.

With special thanks to Majon Muller and Nath­alie van der Velde, we present to you our special geriatrics edition. Enjoy growing into the field of geriatrics by reading this mature edition!

A.V. de Jonge, M.T.U. Schuijt, G. E. Linthorst & F. Daams

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