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Clinical Image: A 14-year-old girl

A 14-year-old girl

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At the outpatient a 14-year old girl is seen with progressive blue-purple discolorization of her feet. Walking was painful. Upon physical examination discolorization is noted of her toes and the front parts of her feet. There were some blisters on her toes. The left foot appeared colder than the right foot and capillary refill was decreased. Arterial supply (pulsations in the arteries) were present. There were no joint abnormalities.

Feet of the patient

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M.F. Raphael


Pernio (Perniones) or also called Chilblain, manifest on the feet (or hands) after exposure to cold. It is characterized by blistering erythematous lesions on the feet (or hands) which are itchy. These lesions disappear after some weeks.

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