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Interview: prof. dr. Y. Smulders

prof. dr. Y. Smulders

‘Am I going to die?’, was my first reponse when I was asked to write an In Retrospect. I feel too young to write this.

Anyway, don’t expect me to ‘look back at my career’, as I truly feel as if it has just started. As a docter, I sense that my skills are improving every year still. To find the optimum between knowledge, experience, intuition and communicative skill has been a much more formidable challenge than I ever imagined when I started my career in medicine.

prof. dr. Y. Smulders

What have been my career steps and choices? Originally, I was to become a cardiologist. However, I chose Internal Medicine as my optional clinical rotation (‘oudste co-schap’), simply because this had been my worst regular rotation, and I felt I had to master at least some of it to realistically call myself a docter. Little did I anticipate they would ask me to apply for a residency, and I am still deeply gratefull to Dr Bob Silberbush, the grand master of Internal Medicine at the OLVG at the time and still my role model, to convince me to choose Internal Medicine.

After I became an internist-nephrologist, I went to the VUMC to join the Vascular Medicine group. This was an enjoyable period, but I consistently felt more at home in general Internal Medicine than I did in the vascular corner. I became professor at a young age, and opted for a chair in Internal Medicine, rather than in Vascular Medicine. When the opportunity came to lead the Internal Medicine residency program, I didn’t doubt one second. This is where I belong, it is what I am. I still do some research, but much more selectively, as I (think I) no longer need to self-justify myself with papers and citations.

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Who are you?

Yvo Smulders, born 1967, youngest of 6, happily together with Anneloes and 3 kids.

When and where did you graduate?

AMC, where I became an internist in April 2001.

What is your area of expertise?

Internal Medicine

What is your current position(s)?

Professor of Medicine, director of Residency Program, VUMC, Amsterdam

What are your research interests?

Whatever is new, ‘out-of-the-box’, and fun. A great experience was the study using a dog to smell Clostridium-Difficile-infected patients.




Not really, a few compliments now and then, but I don’t excell in anything particular, at least not enough to receive a reward. Maybe, some time, an award for not having excelled in anything in particular, but having maintained a broad commitment to Internal Medicine?

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